Debating in Tampere

Debate evenings every Tuesday, 5pm.

Pinni B, 5078, Tampere University.

What is debating like?

Our debates don't turn into shouting contests due to...


You can claim whatever you want but at the end of the day your arguments have to be supported by reason and evidence. Learn to defend your points and beware of fallacies!


Everyone has a clearly defined role, the same amount of speaking time and obeys the same set of rules. Don't worry! We will teach the format to every newcomer. It is easy to learn!


You don't get to choose which side you are on so it never gets personal. The sides are randomly drawn. You'll also get to challenge your own beliefs!

Why should I debate?

For starters, you'll learn...


Debating is largely about developing arguments that are stronger than the arguments of the other side of the debate.

Public speaking

It’s not just the quality of the argument, it’s also the delivery, i.e. being able to present your argument in an understandable way.


There is a possibility to ask questions during a speech and the speeches themselves should always relate to the other speeches of the debate.


The language of debating is English, which for most of us is not the first language.

Critical thinking

People will often have to debate against their own personal opinions.

Fast thinking

The preparation time for the debate is very short, only 15 minutes, and one might be asked unexpected questions during the debate.

Still not convinced?

You'll also...

Meet new

The one place where Finnish people aren't afraid of talking to strangers!

Make new

You get the chance to meet a lot of like-minded people in our events!

See new

Debating is very popular among exchange students and other English-speakers!

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